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Channels: Stories From The Niagara Frontier


Channels: Stories from the Niagara Frontier is Squeaky Wheel’s production initiative that connects area filmmakers with activist and community groups to make short documentaries about social justice issues impacting our region. The videos produced through the program give groups an effective tool for educating the community, raising awareness about under-reported issues, and garnering wider support for their efforts. For the past two years Channels has been funded by the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Previous supporters include the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

The goal of Channels is to raise awareness about locally relevant issues. We therefore want to screen the videos in a wide variety of places, including non-traditional venues, around the city. If you are interested in hosting a screening at your business or home, please contact office@squeaky.org or call 716-884-7172.








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