Squeaky Wheel Artist in Residence Programs

image courtesy of Ruth Sergel, visiting artist-in-residence (2009) from the launch of her public project: $700 Billion for the Arts: Because we are too big to fail!

Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts Squeaky Wheel offers residency opportunities for regional and international media artists. In accordance with our mission to provide the public with access to equipment, technical facilities, media education and exhibition opportunities, our residencies are for emerging and established media artists who are dedicated to creating compelling and innovative works that challenge conventions. Media artists of all kinds are encouraged to apply - from interactive a/v performance artists to persons of a traditional filmmaking background. Both residencies provide free access to our technical facilities and equipment to further creative investigations and offer an exhibition opportunity in the form of a premiere screening, performance or installation.

Regional Artist Access Residency (RAAR)

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    712 Main Street
    Buffalo, NY 14202

    P: 716-884-7172
    F: 716-886-1619

    Office Hours:
    1pm - 7pm Tuesday - Thursday
    1pm - 5pm Friday & Saturday
    • Staff Members:

    • Executive Director,
      Jax Deluca
    • Technical Director,
      Mark Longolucco
    • Program Coordinator,
      Frank Napolski
    • Youth Education Coordinator,
      Kevin Kline
    • Accountant,
      Brenda Smith
    • Interns

    • Ashley McDonald
    • Joshua Ragland
    • Jordan Washington
    • Jo Wong
    • Board Members:

    • President,
      Andrea Schillaci
    • Vice President,
      Andrea Mancuso
    • Treasurer,
      Terry Mickelson
    • Secretary,
      Brian Milbrand
    • 2nd Secretary,
      J.T. Rinker

    • Kevin Bohner
    • Kevin Christner
    • Joshua Feinstein
    • Ruth Goldman
    • John McKendry
    • Anna Scime
    • Stephen Seerey
    • Alex Spaulding

    • Advisory Board:

    • Tony Conrad
    • Kathy High
    • Louis Massiah
    • Igor Vamos