Virtual Workshop FAQ’s


  • After registration for a workshop/s, you will be emailed a digital invoice for those classes that can be completed electronically. If you do not receive an invoice or there is an issue with the payment please contact our Education/Communications Coordinator Martina LaVallo at


How is each class structured?

  • Our virtual workshops will run like previous summer workshops. Each day will consist of a 3-hour block Monday – Friday. At the beginning of each class, students will meet with the instructor and classmates to receive tutorials and challenges for that day. Students will then break out to complete those challenges, coming back at the end to share what they have made! Workshops will conclude with students making small project focused portfolios.
  • Each workshop will have an online resource center containing lesson plans, tutorials, artwork examples, and other support materials for the workshop. This will be sent to you before the start of the workshop. 


*Does my kid need to have a dedicated computer or device?

  • The workshop pages list what type of technology is required to participate in the workshop. Most of the workshops utilize simple web-based software or cross-platform apps for tablets or phones. There are no system requirements and tools will work on most computers or tablets/phones.

*Some of the coding classes state that a desktop computer or tablet with a keyboard is required. This is because coding requires a lot of typing and can be frustrating without the keyboard. If a student wants to join without a keyboard they are more than welcome to. 


Are there any costs associated with the class outside of registration?

  • No. The software, applications, and tools we will be using for the workshops are free to use and cross-platform, so no need to worry about if you are a Mac, PC, or Windows person! Some of the apps will have “in-app” purchase options, but those are not necessary for our projects or participation in the workshops.


If I have a technical issue is there someone I can contact?

  • Before, during, and after you can reach out for assistance if needed. Each class is monitored by one of our Education Department staff.  Below are ways to reach out for help if you need it!

  • Text or Call- (716) 427-4125

  • Email contacts –  Education, and Communications Coordinator Martina LaVallo