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Friday, December 18 4:00pm

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This Video Does Not Exist

This Video Does Not Exist, 2015, by University of Buffalo, Digitial Media Studies PhD, Candidate Tanya Shilina-Conte, Remixing in the Digital Age Screening

This Video Does Not Exist, a remix of black/white screens in the history of cinema, switches the register from presence to absence, from the actual to the virtual regime, from the visual and visible to the non-visual and invisible, evoking what has been suppressed, censored, overlooked or enfolded by the dominant cinematic modes of representation. The black/white screens have been “marginalized” in cinema, often dismissed as noise or deviance in a system of signification. This Video Does Not Exist, restores these missed moments, inviting the spectatorial attention to shift towards the ‘gaps’ between images, as the images themselves are now placed in the unusual for them function of ‘transitions.’ The result is a feature-length remixed “movie” that takes one on a tour of film history, while also challenging traditional definitions of cinema as it relocates itself onto new platforms.

The screening will be accompanied by a short talk on the contemporary remix era, the emerging genre of the cinematic remix and the notions of copyright and fair use in the digital age.