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Saturday, September 24 12:00pm

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Special Event

Squeaky Wheel’s Excellent Adventure!

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Game play: 12 PM to 4 PM | Closing Event: 6 PM to 9 PM

Sliding scale: $10-25 per person.

Location: Game Play: All over the city (any city!) or in your backyard and deep within your creativity. Opening and closing events will take place at Five Points Bakery, 44 Brayton Street, Buffalo, NY 14213

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On Saturday, September 24, 2022, Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center hosts its third biennial Excellent Adventure social media scavenger hunt. Hailed by Buffalo Spree magazine as the “Best New Fundraiser 2019”, the event is “a brilliant mashup of scavenger hunt and selfie culture…truly family-friendly, educational, and, most of all, super fun.”

The Excellent Adventure is an exciting way to get to know the place you live, share your creativity and knowledge, and take part in a friendly competition to win prizes. Encouraging media literacy and cultural awareness (along with a healthy dose of silliness), teams will have four hours to complete as many clues/prompts as they can and post them to Instagram with the hashtag #squeakyadventure. The Excellent Adventure promises to bring out the artist, tour guide, historian, and/or goofball in all of us! The clues will be open to interpretation, so players can take part whether they’re in their own backyard or on the other side of the world. We want you to share your stories and your histories, your imagination, your talents, your inner comic, or your favorite doughnut shop. All you need is an internet connection, a smart phone, and a few hours of fun. Take us on an Excellent Adventure!

“The Squeaky Wheel Excellent Adventure was a great opportunity to get outdoors, be creative, and see lots of Buffalo sights that I don’t often take the time to notice. My friends and I had a lovely afternoon of competitive fun and learned some new ways to use digital media!”

Sarah Wooton, 2020 participant, Team Inspector Catjets

The kick-off begins at Five Points Bakery (and on-line) with an opening orientation where rules will be explained and questions answered. At noon, participants (teams of up to 4) will receive a list of prompts/clues that they then set off to accomplish throughout the course of the afternoon, posting to Instagram with #squeakyadventure. A panel of Excellent Adventure judges made up of media professionals and community members will review each team’s submissions as the afternoon progresses, assigning points for the completion of each item with bonuses for creativity and effort. At exactly 4pm, game play ends and the submission window closes. At 6pm, teams and their friends will gather at Five Points Bakery for the after-party where posts will be shared on the big screen and prizes will be awarded. DJ? Check. Dancing? Check. Fun? Absolutely!

(If you don’t want to quest for clues, but want to join the party and support Squeaky Wheel, tickets for the after-party only will also be available.)

Funds raised at this event support the free and low-cost equipment access, education programs, and art exhibitions that Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center offers to Western New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds every day.

Banner photo: A collage of posts from previous Excellent Adventures responding to prompts such as (left to right, top to bottom): Favorite Public Artwork, Favorite Mural, Hottest Wings, Photo Finish Team Photo, Team Headstand, Make a New Friend, Five Fall Colors, Twisted Tongues, Stupid Human Trick.