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Saturday, May 14 6:00am

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This event is generously supported by: The Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, City of Buffalo – Arts & Cultural Funding, Erie County Arts & Cultural Funding, M&T Charitable Foundation and New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

Symposia & Panels

Art & Labor Panel

The livelihood of the majority of artists in the US is not gained through their artistic practice. While the NEA’s job and income statistics don’t discuss media art specifically (or moving image, new media, net-based, or tech-based art), to those of us in the field, it seems plausible that the findings are even more likely to apply to those of us working outside of traditional fine-art fields.  We will discuss the conditions specific to the media artist/worker in general, and hear from some individual media artist/workers regarding tactics and techniques of gaining a livelihood while maintaining a practice. A panel of media artists and artist-curators who are also engaged with meaningful work outside of the media-art sphere or even the broader art world will consider: How does being a media-artist/worker differ from being a traditional fine artist/worker?  What are the specific opportunities and difficulties of paid non-art work for a media artist?  Where do you draw the line between your personal professional practice as an artist and your entrepreneurial or wage work?  How has the turn away from full-time wage labor and toward entrepreneurial or contract labor changed your practice and perspective?

Liz Flyntz (moderator)
Julia Dzwonkoski
Caroline Koebel
Stella Marrs

This multi-media conference celebrates Squeaky Wheel’s former and current programs, artists, scholars, and community members. The public is invited to participate in a series of free events at Burchfield Penney Art Center exploring media art and its makers in Western New York.