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Tuesday, July 12 1:00pm

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Masterclass: Appropriated Media with Carl Elsaesser

Tuesday, July 12th
Free for Members | $10 for Non-Members
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In this workshop participants will gain insight into how moving image artists have used appropriated media in order to think through questions such as personal ethics for taking and using materials that are not yours, and how to situate appropriated material within in your own work and to what effect. The class will include a screening and discussion of these topics but the bulk of the class will be dedicated to making your own short work, finding sources through online searches and playing with the materials in (Adobe Premiere Pro). Everyone is encouraged to bring in personally shot material to work with whatever we come up with in class. This class aims to push participants understanding of how materials can be put in conversation or at play together in order to broaden the scope of what is allowed when making films.

CarlElsaesserCarl Elsaesser is a film maker from Maine currently residing in Iowa. His short films have screened internationally at festivals such as Antimatter and Ann Arbor where he won the Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist. His work is concerned with how images are constructed, encountered and interpreted. While these questions of representation are steeped in that age-old, impossible “art question” of what is real and fantasy, his work is far more interested in what is allowed to be real, and who is allowed to speak for this real.

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